Impress Holdings

Impress was a Fund II acquisition in May 1997. Fund III subsequently invested in the group in February 2000 when Impress made two significant acquisitions in France and the US.

The group is a global market leader in the consumer metal packaging industry. Headquartered in the Netherlands, Impress employs approximately 7,500 people across 57 production facilities in 22 countries and five continents.

Impress can trace its roots back to a 19th-century tin can company and has established a number of patents including, in 1949, the first aerosol can. It was created in its current form by Doughty Hanson through the merger of the metal packaging businesses formerly owned by Pechiney (France) and Schmalbach-Lubeca (Germany) in 1997. In 2000 Impress acquired Fermbal in France and Heinz’s can-making facilities in the US.

Since 2000 the Company has made a further ten acquisitions, in Western and Eastern Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The acquisitions have expanded Impress’ geographic footprint and strengthened the product portfolio.

In December 2010, Impress was sold to Ardagh Glass for €1.7bn.

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