Investors in Doughty Hanson’s funds represent a broad spectrum of institutions from around the world. The investor base is international and enjoys particularly strong representation from the US, UK and Europe.

Doughty Hanson’s investors include a diverse mix of pension funds, family offices, endowments, funds of funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance groups and banks. All of the funds also include a significant investment from Doughty Hanson’s own employees, thereby ensuring a strong alignment of interests with our Limited Partners.

Our pension fund investors range from school teachers in New York and Arkansas to university professors in the United Kingdom and State of Texas and retired telecommunications workers in Australia and across the US.

We are also proud that the investor base features strong representation from family offices around the world, including several families that have sold businesses to us and subsequently chose to invest some of the proceeds in our funds.

Our investors benefit from the experience of Doughty Hanson’s in-house reporting and monitoring teams that provide ongoing support through our proprietary online reporting systems. Our team of dedicated investor relations professionals also provides investors with regular updates on developments across the funds’ portfolios and access to senior members of the investment teams.

Investors - By Geography (%)
Investors - By Geography: North America 37.9; Asia 4.8; Rest of world 11.9; United Kingdom 22.3; Europe (excl. UK) 23.1

Investors - By Category (%)

Investors - By Category: Insurance companies 11.7; Endowments 3.6; Funds of funds 30.9; Sovereign wealth funds 8.6; Banks 11.8; Pension funds 27.4; Private individuals 6.0
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